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ClipStacker is an application that combines loads of useful features into a single location that allows you quick access. The more you use it, the more you'll wonder how you managed without it as it takes away the hassle of so many of your day-to-day tedious operations, leaving you more time to concentrate on the interesting parts of your job.

ClipStacker lets you:

  • Work with multiple notepads at once allowing you to keep track of all of your in-progress tasks and removing the need for sticky notes or scrap bits of paper.
  • Copy and paste using multiple clipboards that remember their contents even if you reboot simply by pressing 1-9 after your normal copy operation.
  • Create any number of text shortcuts to quickly type whole sections of text into any application (including console windows).
  • Compare two sections of text, quickly identifying all changed words and characters.
  • Keep track of images and file locations as well as text.
  • Don't worry about saving your information, ClipStacker will remember all of the visible content as well as all its shortcuts even if you reboot.
  • ClipStacker is fully configurable, allowing you to change the key combinations that access its functionality as well as the layout, fonts and colours used throughout.

For a full explanation of all of ClipStacker's functions, please see our ClipStacker FAQ or ClipStacker Online Help

Quotes from ClipStacker Users

"I bought ClipStacker for my whole team - it just makes so many small tasks into trivial tasks that it's a no-brainer."
Adrian, Development Manager

"The amount of time I've saved is ridiculous - it paid for itself in less than a week with all the time I've saved doing dull jobs."
Kerry-Louise, Administrative Assistant

"To be honest, I was a bit skeptical when someone recommended ClipStacker to me but I'm glad I downloaded it. I've now got all my scripts stored in ClipStacker shortcuts and I use the multiple clipboards all the time."
Sara, Software Engineer

"I'm impressed how something so simple can make as much difference as it does."
Yasahiro, Student

"Love it! I use ClipStacker all the time."
Dan, IT Analyst


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