Forthcoming Products

We currently only have one released product (ClipStacker) but we have a long list of products that are in various stages of design, development and testing. The next few products to be released will be:

  • Ash Control Suite
  • DB Control
  • Hourglass
  • Task Balancer
  • Knowledge Pro

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Ash Control Suite

The Ash Control Suite is a collection of ASP.NET controls that will, with very few lines of code from you, provide rich functionality to your website. All the controls are flexible enough to allow you to use out of the box or configure for your requirements. The controls included are:

  • Ash Grid View - with paging, sorting, filtering, re-sizing and complex column types.
  • Ash Tree View - with lazy-loading, paging and complex element types.
  • Ash Menu - with any number of sub-menus.
  • Ash Search - with simple/advance searches and numerous search criterion types.
  • Input Controls, Tab Controls, Paging Controls, and many more...

DB Control

DB Control is an application that will take away all the headache of developing and deploying SQL Server databases (Oracle and MySQL will be coming in subsequent releases). In particular, it will:

  • Perform comparisons between database schemas at the level of detail that you require.
  • Construct scripts to efficiently deploy changes to databases preserving all of your data where possible.
  • Give warnings about changes that will take a long time, cause potential data loss or are unadvisable.
  • Present your database schemas in an easy to read format.


Hourglass operates as a basic stopwatch and timer with the addition of:

  • Any number of concurrent stopwatches running simultaneously.
  • Any number of times can be recorded while the stopwatches are running.
  • Timings can be taken quickly with the press of a configurable key combination.
  • Can be deployed alongside your software to compile accurate timings without impact on your software's performance and with only a couple of lines of code in your software.

Task Balancer

Task Balancer will take away all the difficulty of maintaining your scheduled tasks. Its key functionality is:

  • Fully resilient and balanced model for implementing scheduled tasks.
  • Easy to use web application to create, configure and monitor your scheduled tasks without the need to access servers directly.
  • Full audit trail for the activities of the scheduled tasks.
  • A suite of of-the-shelf plugins to handle 90% of your needs.
  • An easy to use .NET API for creating you own plugins for your bespoke needs.

Knowledge Pro

Knowledge Pro is a knowledge base/information management application that will make it virtually impossible for you to lose knowledge or let it go out of date. You can use it to manage every piece of electronic information including documentation, user manuals, service desk manuals, resolutions for common issues etc.. Knowledge Pro's key functionality is:

  • An easy to use, configurable front end for finding and editing your knowledge articles.
  • Configure templates to ensure new articles adhere to your standards.
  • Attach any number of documents/images to your articles.
  • Implements a full review and ownership model to ensure your knowledge is of a good quality and is doesn't become stale and out of date.
  • Includes a rich security model to restrict certain articles to certain individuals within your company/customer base.