Ash Products

Our goal at Ash Technologies is to build products that make your time on your PC more enjoyable and/or reduce the time wasted on everyday operations, letting you spend as much time as possible doing work that will add value to your company. Our first products are ClipStacker and WallOne. ClipStacker is an application that will save you hours by bringing together and enhancing numerous small actions that add up to hours of wasted effort and making them as close to instant as possible and WallOne is an application that will make your Desktop Background look exactly as you want it to with minimal effort.

Take a look below to try ClipStacker or WallOne for free or take a look at our forthcoming products.


ClipStacker is a program that runs seamlessly alongside Microsoft Windows XP/Vista/7 giving you instant access to:

  • Remove the need for sticky notes and paper notepads with nine fully functional notepads at once.
  • Quickly move data with multiple clipboards that remember their contents even if you reboot.
  • Get rid of all of your script files and remove the need for typing the same text repetitively with any number of shortcuts to quickly enter whole sections of text into any application.
  • Quickly compare two sections of text for differences.
  • All functionality accessible via configurable key combinations for quick access.
  • More...


WallOne is a program that will allow you to manage your Windows desktop backgrounds with ease:

  • Easily maintain any number of collections of wallpapers that will automatically cycle your desktop background.
  • Drag images in from your web browser/photo manager to quickly make a wallpaper.
  • Automatically resizes your wallpapers for best fit.
  • Supports multiple monitors with a different wallpaper on each monitor.
  • Edit your wallpapers without the need for a expensive software.
  • More...

Forthcoming Products

We have a number of products currently in development that we expect to release over the next few months. If you're interested in any of them, sign up to receive a notification as soon as it's released or go to our Forums to feed into their development.

  • Ash Control Suite: A suite of ASP.NET controls that will make building rich but performant functionality into your web applications quick and easy.
  • DB Control: Compare, deploy and backup database schemas reliably and efficiently.
  • Hourglass: Multi-functional stopwatch and timer.
  • Task Balancer: Load balance, make resilient, control and monitor all of your scheduled and/or recurring tasks.
  • Knowledge Pro: Information storage application with easy authoring tools, multiple access levels, search methods, ownership and monitoring.
  • More...