WallOne Activation

To begin using the full version of WallOne:

  1. Open the trial or basic version of WallOne.
  2. Open the Help menu.
  3. Click on the Activate/Purchase item.
  4. Enter your licence key in the first box and press Activate.

If you have tried to automatically activate WallOne and this has failed:

  1. Enter your licence key and manual activation key below (you are provided with the manual activation key when automatic activation fails).
  2. Click the Obtain Confirmation Key button.
  3. Enter your licence key and confirmation key into the second two boxes in the WallOne Activate/Purchase window.
  4. Click the second Activate button.

If you have any problems with this, please contact us at support@ash-technologies.com

Manual Activation

Licence Key:
Manual Activation Key:
  Obtain Confirmation Key