WallOne WallOne

WallOne is an application that makes it as easy as possible to put your photos and downloaded images into your desktop background:

WallOne lets you:

  • Add wallpapers from the internet, from files or from your photo album with a couple of clicks of your mouse or by dragging and dropping them into WallOne.
  • Edit your wallpapers without the need for expensive image editing software.
  • Manage your wallpapers in collections that can be accessed by a simple configurable key combination.
  • Automatically resizes and cycles through your wallpapers.
  • Handles multiple monitors with a different wallpaper on each monitor if required.

For a full explanation of all of WallOne's functions, please see our WallOne FAQ or WallOne Online Help

Quotes from WallOne Users

"So easy to use - I just browse Google Images for a few minutes dragging the pictures a like onto it and I'm done."
Anna, Receptionist

"It lets me get all my favourite photos of my kids onto my desktop so easily - seeing them brightens up my day."
Maria, Solicitor

"It's so easy to touch up a photo to get rid of red-eye."
Andy, Teacher

"Me and my husband have a couple of different collections each so I don't have to see his motorbike pictures and he doesn't have to see my landscapes - really nice."
Isabella, Homemaker

Diego, Student


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